Welcome to Graecrest Energy Solutions.

We see a world of “absolute zero” energy wasted.  We are breaking the logjam of capital scarcity that is keeping us from getting there.

Graecrest is an energy project developer and integrator. We bring management, program, and financial expertise together with institutional capital to create optimal solutions for our clients’ energy efficiency goals.

We provide large-scale, fully funded energy conservation measures through our Net Zero Investment™ (NZI) program. By means of an innovative contract structure and funding strategy, Graecrest enables the rapid deployment of projects up to $700 million, on a whole portfolio basis, without any up-front investment from the end user’s perspective.

The NZI concept provides better economics than more familiar market offerings because it makes no claim on savings, so the end user reaps the full benefit — immediately, and throughout the contract term.

Virtually any capital-intensive energy project is suitable for the NZI approach; examples include city-wide LED streetlight conversion, building lighting and controls systems, central plants, distributed storage, and large solar PV installations.